The Managing Director, John Woodhead, originally worked with Monsanto Enviro-Chem (now MECS Inc.) in North America and Europe. Since returning to Australia in 1986 he has represented MECS Inc. Acid Piping Technology and Chas S Lewis, providing service and technical support to all acid producers in Australia and New Zealand.   He is a chemical engineer with over thirty years worldwide experience in sulphuric acid plant design, construction, operation and troubleshooting.   John brings to this industry a wealth of practical experience and technical expertise together with an extensive network of local and overseas contacts.


Darren Bridges is a chemical engineer who joined Specialized Engineering Services in 2004.   Prior to that he was the sulphuric acid plant manager at the Kalgoorlie Nickel Smelter.   Darren has extensive experience in plant operation, trouble-shooting and plant turn-around planning and execution - all with a strong emphasis on safety.

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